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mercredi 8 mars 2023 - 14:30
Hotel Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Salon Zéphyr, Monaco

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Catalogue en ligne

LEON BAKST (1866–1924) Nude
Lot 15
2 200 2 700
ERNST FUCHS (1930-2015) Nymph
Lot 46
30 000 35 000
ERNST FUCHS (1930-2015) Sphinx
Lot 47
5 000 7 000
SOLVE SUNDSBO (B.1970) Gisele
Lot 50
3 000 5 000
ALBIN MÜLLER (1871-1943) Pendule
Lot 144
6 300 6 700
Lot 151
50 100
GIO PONTI (1891 - 1979) Requin
Lot 156
1 000 1 500
GIO PONTI (1891 - 1979) Cygne
Lot 157
1 000 1 500
Lot retiré
Lot 172bis
Nikolai Sverchkov (1817-1898) Troika
Lot 192
23 000 27 000
Lot 195
A.S. PETUKHOV Les meules de foin
Lot 217
1 000 1 200
IRENE KLESTOVA (1908-1989) Roses
Lot 244
1 200 1 500
IRENE KLESTOVA (1908-1989) Roses
Lot 245
1 200 1 500
JEAN POUGNY (1892-1956) Paddock
Lot 253
4 500 5 000
SERGEI CHEPIK (1953-2011) Biot
Lot 312
2 300 2 500