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GEORG WILHELM VON SIEMENS (1855-1919) Typed letter with autograph signature

On letterhead "W. v. Siemens", Berlin-Siemensstadt, 5 June 1917. 4°. 1 page. Double sheet. Folder perforations. In German. To the journalist Harald von Hoerschelmann (1878-1941) with thanks for his letter: "[...] The main means of protection lies primarily in a favourable conclusion of peace. Through this the dangers in question will be considerably weakened. Should I find the time and the way to elaborate on this subject, I will take the liberty of returning to the question [...]" "[...] Das Hauptschutzmittel liegt in erster Linie bei einem günstigen Friedensschluss. Durch diesen werden die in Frage stehenden Gefahren wesentlich abgeschwächt werden. Sollte ich zu näheren Ausführungen über dieses Thema Zeit und Weg finden, werde ich mir erlauben auf die Frage zurückzukommen [...]" Georg Wilhelm von Siemens was a German industrialist entrepreneur of the Siemens family. Known as Wilhelm von Siemens, he was the son of the inventor, electrical engineering magnate, Ernst Werner von Siemens (1816-1892) and had worked in his father's company since 1880. Under his leadership, in order to protect the company from competition, it was transformed into a joint-stock company in 1897. From 1899 onwards, he founded Siemensstadt, a locality in Berlin, in order to expand production by building new factories and all the infrastructure for the workers, both in terms of transport and housing. A real city within a city was born. Today the urban landscape of the district is still dominated by industrial infrastructure and workers' housing estates, but it is no longer exclusively linked to Siemens AG (international group specialising in the energy, health, industry and construction sectors). The name "siemens" was adopted as the unit of the international system for measuring electrical conductance, in honour of Werner von Siemens.