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RUDOLF CROWN PRINCE OF AUSTRIA (1858-1889) Autograph of Archduke Rudolf Crown prince of Austria , to his Military Office.

1p. In German. "Ich bitte gleich abzusagen. Ich komme um 11 Uhr in die Kanzlei. Rudolf Fm (Feldmarshall)." "I'll ask you to cancel right away. I will come to the office at 11 o'clock. Rudolf Fm (Field Marshal)." Rudolf Franz Karl Joseph von Habsburg-Lothringen (Rudolf Erzherzog und Kronprinz von Österreich) Third of the four children and the only son of the emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and Elizabeth of Wittelsbach (Empress “Sissi”), heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne whose reformist and liberal ideas were stifled by his conservative father and who finally committed suicide. Archduke Rudolf found dead on 30 January 1889 with his lover Mary Vetsera in the hunting lodge at Mayerling. The details of this act are still partly unclear to this day.