How to submit a work for sale
All property presented for auctioning undergoes a thorough examination by one of our Hermitage Fine Art specialists. To request the complimentary auction examination, you can contact us by email or telephone.

For initial evaluation, you can send photographs of the lots, specifying the dimensions and artist's name, to the email of the auction house. Please note that, before you can sell your lot at an auction any preliminary assessment must be confirmed by one of our experts in person.

We systematically refuse to receive parcels for Hermitage Fine Art, mentioning presents, gifts, documents, and donations. It will be under the responsibility and costs of the sender. We accept only the exact content of parcels with proper documentation according to Monegasque law.

Notice for the shipments from Russia.

Any parcel shipped from Russia has to be supported by legal documentation conforming with customs legislation of the Russian Federation. The sender is strictly requested to provide Hermitage Fine Art with any necessary documentation.

All terms of sale are discussed with an agent and remain confidential. After the examination, valuation approval and signing of the seller's agreement, all lots must be officially handed over to Hermitage Fine Art and will remain under its liability until the sale and payment of lots by the buyer.

If the sale is successful, Hermitage Fine Art sends payment to the seller approximately one month after the auction. If the lot remains unsold, the auction house will discuss the option of either collecting or re-offering the lot with the seller.

Hermitage Fine Art would be glad to answer any of your questions regarding the selling of your lots by telephone or email.

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