AKSENOV V. P. (1932-2009), AUTOGRAPH The right to an island: stories.

Lot 467
[Ann Arbor]: Hermitage, 1983. – 203 p.; 19x12, 5 cm. In illustrated publishing cover. Minor scuffs on the cover. Gift inscription on the avantitle: "To Dear Boria Gass in memory of the Tiflis ups and downs 8 / X 84 / Washington V. Aksenov". Boris Lvovich Gass (b. 1930) is a Russian writer and translator. Since 1959 he worked in the magazine "Literary Georgia": literary employee, head of the Department of prose and poetry, Executive Secretary, Deputy editor-in-chief and member of the editorial Board. For many years working in the magazine, he helped to publish the writers whose work considered dangerous by Moscow ideologists: Bulat Okudzhava, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Yuri Nagibin, Alexander Mezhirov and others. He was especially friendly with Bella Akhmadulina. In exile since 1975.