BULGAKOV MIKHAIL (1891-1940) The master and Margarita: a novel.

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2nd ed. Paris: YMCA-PRESS, 1967. - 219, [2] p.: portr.; 24x16, 5 cm. in the publishing cover. Typographic defect: the cover is attached to the block upside down. Minor scuffs on the cover. The first publication of the novel «The Master and Margarita» appeared in the magazine «Moscow» in 1966-1967 with numerous censorship and editorial removals from the next. In 1967 the publishing house YMCA-PRESS published the first uncensored edition of the novel. The full text of the novel was first presented to the Soviet reader in 1973, but this edition violated the dying will of M. Bulgakov, who transferred to E. S. Bulgakova all copyright and editorial rights for the novel. The first edition of the novel by separate book.