AKULININ Ivan Grigorievich (1880-1944) A handwritten letter from I. Akulinin addressed to G.A.Alexinsky.Paris, October 1...

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In the letter, Akulinin speaks appointing a meeting, asks Aleksinsky to return two Chinese letters (from Harbin and from Tianjin ), and also complains that he did not receive the “Native Land”, although he has repeatedly asked for it. Akulinin Ivan Grigorievich (1880-1944) - Major General of the White Army, here- ditary Orenburg Cossack. In 1923 he was appointed military ataman of the foreign Orenburg Cossacks. G.A. Aleksinsky was the editor of the political newspaper "Na- tive Land" (1925-1928), and I.G. Akulinin periodically wrote articles and stories. Provenance: G.A. Aleksinsky archive.