Lot 803
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signed by both Muller Brothers and Chapelle clear glass decorated with colored inclusions by Muller Brothers, wrought iron mount by Léon Chapelle, black marble base. Height: 37 cm Lenght: 53 cm Executed circa 1920 The Muller brothers, founders of the Muller Frères glassworks in Lunéville, are French art glassmakers of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. The family includes nine brothers and one sister. They were all trained in the art of glassmaking. The best known are Eugène Muller (1883-1914), Désiré Muller (1877-1952) and Henri Muller (1868- ). The Muller brothers worked with Léon (or Edouard) Chapelle, wrought iron worker from Lay St Christophe who made 14 models of animals according to the catalogs of the time (snail, turtle, pigeon, lion, peacock, elephant, monkey, etc.) but also two other models including a tiger. These pieces were made between 1925 and 1935. The mounts are sometimes in bronze, most of the time signed. The glassware is sometimes decorated with metallic interleaving (Muller patent of 1929), most often with a shiny unsanded decoration. Chapelle also made many small objects such as letter openers, pocket trays etc.