OSOKIN V., POZDNIAKOV V.V. (1902-1973) Andrei Andreevich Vlasov: A brief biography; with attachment of the Prague Manifesto [1966]. Andrei A. Vlasov ]1973].

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1) OSOKIN V. Andrei Andreevich Vlasov: A brief biography; with attachment of the Prague Manifesto. 1966. 2nd ed.: Vol. 1 [and unique]. New York: All-Slavic publishing house, 1966. - 36 p.: facs., [1] p. port.; 23x15 cm. - (Archive of the Russian liberation army in New York; edited by M. V. Shatov). Publisher’s cover. Minor stains on the cover. The author of the biography - personal secretary of general A. A. Vlasov. 2) POZDNIAKOV V.V. (1902-1973) Andrei A. Vlasov. Syracuse (USA), 1973. - 486, [2] p.: Il.; 22х15 cm. On the title page reverse: Buenos Aires, 1973. Multiple illustrations in the text - the rarest evidences of the time. Publisher’s cover. Minor stains and tears on the edges of the cover. Contents: - Biography of Vlasov. - In captivity. - ‘Open letter’ and ‘Smolensk Declaration’. - Vlasov on the occupied territory. - KONR meeting in Prague. - Meeting in the ‘Europa house’. - Vlasov as a human. - The solution of the national question. - Press about ROD (Russian liberation movement). - German documents about the ROD. - Dabendorf as the first center of the ROD. - Committee for the liberation of nations of Russia (KONR). - The armed forces of the KONR. - Last days. - How General Vlasov was captured. A number of articles of this collection were published in the wartime press in 1942-1945, some materials and photographs are published for the first time. Vladimir Vladimirovich Pozdnyakov (1902-1973) – Colonel of the ROA, operational adjutant to General A. A. Vlasov, afterwards one of the main historians of the Vlasov movement. First edition.