FATIMA HASSAN EL FAROUJ (1945-2011) The celebration

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signed and dated (lower left) oil on canvas 110 x 53 cm Painted in 1976 Fatima Hassan El Farouj was a Moroccan painter. Classified in the category of naïve art, self-taught with no academic or artistic training, painting was for her a means of expression and a hobby. The expressions are fresh, infantile, naive, simple with a lot of narration like a storyteller and no logic in dimensions, forms, and perspectives. She grew up in a popular setting in the north of Morocco and practiced like other girls and women of her age embroidery, weaving, sewing and henna tattooing. All these moments of traditional learning were a source of inspiration for her. Her paintings are a testimony to the great celebrations and rituals of the women’s world of the 1950s.