Lot 379
1) «In the name of orthodoxy the faithful sons of the Don go on a resolute struggle against the unbelievable». Cossack Cavalry Division / XV Cossack Cavalry Corps. Post card commemorating more than 50 000 Cossacks who fought for the liberation of their homeland from Bolshevism between 1941 and 1945 as part of the German military service; they were extradited to Stalin with their families as prisoners of the Western Allies. Stamp «Representation of the 15th Cossack Cavalry Corps in Russia». 2) Front line near Novocherkassk. Parsing of military operations on the map. Original photograph. From left to right: Centurion Plotnikov - Adjutant of the Ataman of the Don Army, Centurion Y. Galdin - Commander of the Cossack detachment, Colonel S.V. Pavlov - Ataman of the Don Army, Colonel T.K. Khorunzhiy - Commander of the Cossack combat detachment Abwehr #201. 12,5x8,5 cm. 3) Uniform patch of the Kuban Cossack Division, patch of the Armenian Battalion soldiers. 4) The rendition of the Cossacks in Lienz. Austria, June 1945. Colour lithography. USA, All-Cossack herd. Art by S. G. Korolkov; photographer N. Telyatnikov. 30x23 cm.