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KLEMENS WENZEL VON METTERNICH (1773-1859) (Klemens Wenzel, Count and later Second Prince of Metternich-Winneburg-Beilstein) Autograph letter signed “M.”

Eaux de Lucques (Italy), 8 August 1817. 4 p. folio. In French. This interesting letter to V.E.(Baron Bartenstein) concerns the sale of the semi-sovereign principality of Ochsenhausen in Wirtenberg (a popular say in those days was that the most tasteful beef meat sold in Paris came from Ochsenhausen). Ochsenhausen was at the time the property of the highly indebted father of Metternich, whose fortune was administered by the Baron. Also mentioned is the rent of the Court of Naples to the father of Metternich. The sources of Lucca were stronger than those of Carlsbad (Bohemia). Metternich says he is happy to be away from all diplomats. “Je compte me rendre après-demain à Livourne, où j’effectuerai le 12 la remise de M. l’archiduchesse.” (Archduchess Leopoldina, future Empress of Brazil). ”Son départ dépend de la faveur du vent, et ma responsabilité ne porte pas sur eux...“ (Metternich liked to use poetical language) The letter is presented in a bureaucratic two-column format. Autograph note in the first column, at the beginning of the letter: “Answered 21 August 1817”. From the archive of Baron Bartenstein, part of which is now held by the Manuscript Department of the Austrian National Library.