ZHUKOV GEORGY KONSTANTINOVICH (1896-1974) Order to the troops of the Kiev Special military district on personnel.

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Kiev, September 12, 1940 1 p.; 28,5x20 cm. Handwritten signatures of the district commander General G. K. Zhukov, member of the Military Council and army Commissar Borisov, chief of staff of the district Lieutenant General Purkaev. Minor loss of paper fragments in the left margin without damage to the text. On the appointment of I. V. Galich and S. G. Lortkipanidze to new positions. Georgy Zhukov (1896-1974) - Marshal of the Soviet Union, four times Hero of the Soviet Union, great commander. A man of rare military talent, G. K. Zhukov remained in history as one of the main creators of Victory in the great Patriotic war. Maxim Alekseyevich Purkaev (1894-1953) - commander of the Second world war, General of the army. In 1940, Lieutenant General M. A. Purkaev was appointed chief of staff of the Kiev special military district. He was the first to report the German attack on the Soviet Union to General of the army G. K. Zhukov, then Chief of the General staff of the Red Army. In his book «Memories and reflections» Zhukov wrote about last pre-war day: «In the evening of 21 June, I was called by the chief of staff of the Kiev military district, Lieutenant-General Purkayev, who reported that the guards met the defector – German Sergeant major, who claimed that the German troops were preparing for the offensive, which will begin June 22».