TOLSTOY L.N. (1828-1910)

Lot 273
I can’t stay silent: (About the death penalty). Berlin: ed. Ladyzhnikov, [1908?]. - 40 p.; 19х13,5 cm. In fine semi-leather binding of the time. Gold-embossed spine, edge ‘Small golden head’, ‘marble’ paper flyleaves. Reference information on the title page is erased. The famous Manifesto of Lev Tolstoy. Year 1908 was a period of especially great number of death penalty executions, and the article ‘I can’t stay silent’ was a reaction of the astonished writer. For the first time the excerpts of the article were published on July 4, 1908 in the Newspapers ‘Russian Vedomosti’, ‘Word’, ‘Speech’, ‘Modern word’, etc., for what they were all fined. The Sevastopol publisher who pasted throughout the city an issue of his newspaper with excerpts from ‘I can’t stay silent’ in the city, was arrested.