KRITSKY M. A. (1882-1969) Kornilov assault regiment.

Lot 452
Paris, 1936. - 230, [2] p.: Il., 8 p. Il.; 22x15, 5 cm. 500 copies. Unique photos of the time, intros and vignettes in the text. With a Preface by General N. Golovin. In the illustrated publishing cover. Minor contamination and fox stains. One of the first books about Kornilov assault regiment, comprised the documents and materials of the regimental archive, as well as personal memoirs and notes of the regiment’s officers and soldiers. Mikhail Alexandrovich Kritsky (1882-1969) - Lieutenant of the Russian army, an activist of the White movement, in exile in Paris - Secretary in the Office of the ROVS, one of the closest associates of General A. P. Kutepov, the author of his first biography.First edition. Rare book.