[GRAND DUCHESS ELENA VLADIMIROVNA] KAKHOVSKY BORIS (1871-1914), handwritten poetry collection

Lot 403
Travel diary: 9 September - 1 November 1901: Warsaw, Spala, Paris, Antonin, Coburg, Berlin, Jablonna, Krosniewice: [manuscript, 1900s]. - [33] p.; 22, 5x18, 5 cm. In a gift whole-lether binding of the time. Gold stamping on the top cover. "Golden head" edge. Bookends are made of a moire like paper. Tricolor silk ribbon. Collectible condition. The author's gift inscription on the title page: "To Her Imperial Highness Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna / The most devoted author". Russian officer Boris Vsevolodovich Kakhovsky (1871-1914), hero of the Russian-Japanese and the World I wars, poet. Awarded with the order of St. Stanislaus and St. Anne of the 2nd degree with swords, a Golden sword with inscription "For bravery", order of St. George of the 4-th degree. Provenance: Elena Vladimirovna (1882-1957)-Grand Duchess, daughter of Grand Duke Vladimir Alexandrovich and Maria Pavlovna, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Schwerin; wife of Prince Nicholas of Greece (1872-1938). On her father's side, she was a granddaughter of Emperor Alexander II, a niece of Alexander III, and a cousin of Nicholas II. Gift handwritten poetry collection.