SECHENOV I.M. (1829-1905), AUTOGRAPH A handwritten letter addressed to theoretical physicist N. A. Umov (1846-1915)

Lot 314
January 8, 1874. 1 p., 21, 5x14 cm. Loss of the lower right corner. He informs about the arrival of the Russian botanist and popularizer of science A.N. Beketov (1825-1902) from Kharkov and the possibility to give him a permission for a "private viewing"of his dissertation. In 1874, at Moscow University, N.A. Umov defended his doctoral dissertation "Balance of motion energy in bodies". Ivan Mikhailovich Sechenov (1829-1905) was a Russian natural scientist, physiologist, teacher and educator. He was also the founder of the first Russian physiological scientific school and the natural-scientific materialistic direction in psychology.