Silver-gilt Trompe l'oeil cigar box, after design of tobacco company H. Upmann with the engraving «ТАБАКЪ ПРИВОЗНЫЙ» ("IMPORTED TOBACCO"). Konstantin Illarionovich Skvortsov's workshop, Russia, Moscow, 1899-1908

Lot 141
4 0006 000
Silver, silver-gilt, cast, engraved, mounted Engraved and decorated with trompe-l’oeil wood graining to simulate a wooden cigar box with a label of the cigar maker H. Upmann of Havana and with import tax bands, the interior gilded Hallmarks: 84 silver mark (zolotnik) with a "female profile facing to the left", the initials of the assay master I. Lebedkin, workshop "KS". Engraved: date "1935 15/4" under the monogram "АН" and 11 autographs Dimensions: 18,7 x 11,3 x 5,3 cm. Weight 613 g.