TSAR PETER I (1672-1725), Letters patent dated November 1, 1704 on granting the land in Arzamas county to Grigory Ogarev.

Lot 701
20 00025 000
Brocade, wax seal on paper 167 x 42.5 cm Inscribed on the reverse: ‘responsibility of the sovereign tsar and grand prince Peter [...], Tsar of Malyya and Belyya Russia’ Clerks (Dyaks)` signatures. Signatures and inscriptions on back side protected with a special thin paper. Small top part piece missing without damage to text. Grigory Georgievich Ogarev was a tsar` steward (stol`nik). As well known by his Census book of 1710 in Arzamas county (Uezd). The illegible inscription at the top, the signatures of officials (clerks) below. Provenance: academician Bondarchuk’s collection. Anton Vasil`evich Bondarchuk (1899-1977) was a Russian scientist, neurosurgeon, Doctor of medical sciences, professor. Stalin`s award nominee. At the time of the Great Patriotic War (World War II in USSR) was a deputy chief of the specialized hospital on LINHI base. Was wounded with multiple bomb particles with fully left eye blinded but very soon returned to his function.