Cedric Gigon
Untitled (1 Dollar)

Lot 68
3 0005 000
styrene, marble base 36 x 18 x 57 cm «Money is malleable and can take any forms we wish to give it» Drick, author of these dollar bills photographs started his focus on money and its connotations in 2018. Both painter and comedian, he graduated from the Ecole d’arts dramatiques Claude Mathieu in Paris. His main ambition is to represent the power of money, its malleability and its capacity to submit to any form. We can use money however we wish; its outcome can always be different even though dollar bills look the same. Moreover, we observe that Drick showcases this perception of money through different shapes that its bills can submit to: folded, torn, turned over, bended, etc. Also, with blurry backgrounds, he encloses his main subject and concentrates fully on what it represents and what it aesthetically looks like — the bills almost become abstract, imposing sculptures.