MILLER Evgeny Karlovich (1867-1939) Letter from General E.K. Miller, addressed to G.A. Aleksinsky.

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On the official letterhead of the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Army for Military and Naval Affairs. Typescript, the signature of the general at the end of the text: “Yours sincerely / Miller”. Paris, February 1, 1921 1 p. 24x20 cm. Folding creases. In the letter, Miller reports, "that the Commander-in-Chief [P.N. Wrangel] recognizes your visit to Constantinople as very desirable". Miller Evgeny Karlovich (1867-1939) - Russian military leader, lieutenant-general; the leader of the White movement in the north of Russia in 1919-1920, commander-in-chief of all land, naval armed forces of Russia (the Northern Army), operating against Soviet power on the Northern Front. He was abducted from Paris to Moscow, convicted and executed. Provenance : G.A. Aleksinsky archive.