Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968) GAGARIN "IN SPACE"

Lot 563
"Self-portrait in space", made during the filming of the first documentary films about Yuri Gagarin in the summer of 1961. Silver gelatin photo print. Number 627, date 3.8.61 and stamp London Express News and Feature Services copyright on the reverse. 12.8 x 20.6 cm. Excellent condition. During Y. Gagarin’s flight into space, no onboard shooting was carried out (the first cameras on board the launch vehicles were installed for the flight of Gherman Titov). That made it necessary to shoot documentaries and to complete part of the material after the flight. This frame was taken in one of the factories OKB-1, where the spacecraft "Vostok" and "Voskhod" were created. It is noteworthy that the USSR inscription on the helmet was made directly on the bus before boarding the ship. This picture is very rare. Hermitage Fine Art thanks V. Taran (Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Moscow) for assistance in the attribution of this photo.