DMITRY SHORIN (B.1971) Princess Juliana

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Signed, titled and dated Oil on canvas 150 x 97 cm (59 x 381/4in.) Painted in 2018 For Shorin, his favourite theme was the exaggerated and piquant image of a ‘dream girl’ inspired by advertising and popular cinema. The artist claims to be inspired by the American ‘Pin-up girls.’ The painting balances on the verge of vulgarity. Influenced by photography and referencing mass media images, Shorin speaks with the viewer of the familiar, everyday language of billboards and front pages of glossy magazines telling the hurried pedestrian about sunny islands, where some unearthly women are milking, swalowing ice cream and douching with spirits. Girls and Airplanes are renowned subjects in Shorin’s practice. In 2013 he participated in a joint project Pulkovo airport and ERARTA Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, exhibiting his ‘Angels,’ girls with the planes’ wings ingrown into their backs. Sculptures were a peculiar embodiment of dream about the flying human, which was dreamt by Leonardo da Vinci and the Russian futurists.