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MEN OF THE DAY: Political, social, literary and artistic chronicle LES HOMMES DU JOUR. Annales politiques, sociales, littéraires et artistiques. 1908-1913.

Paris, 1908-1913. In six volumes: 310 issues, 3 special editions, 6 editions. In six identical semi-leather bindings. Golden spines. Weekly cartoon portraits of famous people of the time. Each issue features a satirical biography of a contemporary character, written by Victor Merik under the pseudonyms «Flax» or «Lux», caricature covers by Aristad Delaunay. Several issues are dedicated to anarchists and revolutionaries, among them: Charles-Albert, Lucien Descaves, Sebastian Faure, Francisco Ferrer, Jean Grave, Victor Griffelhes, Peter Kropotkin, Maximilian Luce, Charles Malato, Octave Mirbeau Emile Pouget, Paul Robin and Georges Yvetot. Paris, H. Fabre, 1908-1913