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Hermitage Fine Art offers private sales for clients who wish to buy and sell artworks outside of public auctions. We have access to a variety of important private collections worldwide in a range of categories including Fine Art, Russian art, Jewelry, Design Objects and more.

If you wish to buy, our team will be able to find something that meets your wishes on demand by doing research and requesting expertise on your behalf. Alternatively, we can sell your collection discretely at prices that are mutually agreed between the two parties.

Other services
Moreover, we are able to put you in direct contact with art restorers, assist you with arranging optimal shipping plans and request the leading experts verification on your behalf.
For further information, please contact us directly by telephone or email.

Works available for

immediate purchase

Александр Бенуа и Николай Бенуа
Эскизы декораций и костюмов к балету и опере, книги и театральные программы
Русские иконы
Cartier и Объекты роскоши
Предметы дизайна
Изобразительное искусство
Редкие книги, рукописи и автографы
Русское серебро и фарфор
Архив Рудольфа Нуриева
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