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MODERN GRIMACES: a satire of journalists, coming out on Thursdays. GRIMACES CONTEMPORAINES: la satire des journalistes, paraissant le jeudi. 1869.

Paris, 1869. No. 1-6. 25x16, 5 cm. Full set. In a calico binding of the mid-twentieth century. The illustrated publishing covers of all issues are preserved. Each issue contains two portraits. Charles Gilbert-Martin (1839-1905) was a French journalist and cartoonist. In 1869, he began publishing the satirical magazin «Modern grimaces» - a series of caricature portraits of journalists of his time, he made drawings for it himself. Text by Ranc, Lockroy and Barbey d’Aurevilly. The publication was banned by the censorship of Napoleon III. Total number of issues - 6, full set is a rarity. Paris, 1869. №1-6.