KUTEPOV A.P. (1882-1930), AUTOGRAPH. Pohishenie generala A.P. Kutepova bolshevikami: sledstvennie i politicheskie materiali [The Abduction of General A.P. Kutepov by the Bolsheviks: Investigative and Political Materials]; ed. by B. Bazhanov and N. Alekseev: in 2 vols. Paris: [b.i.], 1930.

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Vol. 1. - 63, [1] p.; 18x11,5 cm. Illustrated publisher’s cover with the portrait of A.P. Kutepov. The cover is covered with self-adhesive tape, partially detached from the block. Third side of the cover glued photo of General AP Kutepov with his autograph: «To Lieutenant Bakunin / Gen. Kutepov / 31/X 23 yrs. Lieutenant Mikhail Bakunin was the General’s personal secretary and nephew of the revolutionary anarchist M.A. Bakunin. Alexander Kutepov (1882-1930) - Russian military leader, General of Infantry, pioneer, active participant in the White movement, a monarchist. On January 26, 1930 he was kidnapped in Paris by agents of the Foreign Department of the OGPU as a result of a secret operation, prepared and carried out under the direction of cadres of the OGPU Yakov Serebryansky and Sergei Puzitsky as part of a wider OGPU operation «Trust». Documents on the circumstances, place and time of his death are still secret and are not available to historians