S.N. PALEOLOGUE. (1877-1938), AUTOGRAPH Postcard with a picture of the Russian ambassador. Belgrade, 1. III. 1926.

Lotto 421
14x9 cm. Handwritten signature and date on the photograph. On the reverse: «To my dear and valued collaborator and like-minded person from the humble devotion of Sergei Paleolog». Sergey Nikolaevich Paleolog (1877-1938) is the Russian envoy to Serbia, an official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, public figure of the Russian emigration. He participated in White movement, lived in Belgrade. From 1922 he was a member of Russian Truth Brotherhood, was deputy honorary chairman of the Committee of Assistance to Russian soldiers and their families in the Balkans. He was in charge of the Russian Liberation Treasury, raising funds for the struggle against Bolsheviks. In 1924 he collected funds for the treasury of Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolayevich (the text with an appeal for the collection of funds is printed on a postal card), and later he collected up to 100 thousand dinars for the construction of the Memorial Church in the name of the Tsar-Martyr Nikolai II in Brussels