SERGEI GEORGYEVICH ROMANOVSKY (1890-1974), Duke of Leuchtenberg Personal archive (folder 30x25 cm).

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1) Questionnaire from the French consulate in Rome for the granting of Prince Sergei Romanovsky French visa; 2) Letter from General N. N. Golovin, addressed to Prince S. Romanovsky. March 18, 1930. Typewritten with the general's signature; 3) "The Idea of International Monarchical Unification": 5 handwritten sheets; 4) "Reflections on the Future of Russia". 8 manuscript pages. August 1926; 5) "Krechet": about the organization of Russian nationalists. 24 manuscript pages (1926); 6) Schemes, drawings, descriptions, drawings of the battleship type "Sargon"; 7) Notebook containing 18 handwritten diary pages from July 17 to September 2, 1914, a description of the battle of November 29, 1914, and many handwritten and typewritten verses, many of which are signed with a monogram. His Serene Highness Prince Sergei Georgievich Romanovsky, 8th Duke of Leuchtenberg (1890-1974) - member of the Russian Imperial House (with the title "Highness"), participant in the White Movement, fligel Adjutant.