J.R.R. (JOHN RONALD REUEL) TOLKIEN (1892-1973) Typed letter signed “JRR Tolkien” addressed to Julie Cape.

Лот 834
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Oxford, 17 February 1963. 1 page in-4. In English. In fine condition, with intersecting mailing folds, with two small holes at intersections of folds, and one fold passing directly above signature. Very rare. A fine letter mentioning Tolkien’s three great works. Tolkien, the famous author of The Lord of the Rings, died in 1973 without completing The Silmarillion. The novel was edited and published posthumously in 1977, by his son Christopher. “Thank you very much for your nice letter. I was very pleased that you wrote to tell me you enjoyed The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. As for writing more about the same characters, I have written almost all there is to write about them. But I hope you will recognize some of the characters in another book I am busy writing, called The Silmarillion, which I hope will soon be finished. Please give my best wishes to your family and sister, it sounds as if I have many friends amongst them.”