ALEXANDER II (1818-1881) EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, KING OF POLAND AND GRAND DUKE OF FINLAND Handwritten letter addressed to Ekaterina Dolgorukova. Letter n° 73 (13/25 March 1869 and 14/26 March)

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in French and Russian Thursday 13/25 March 1869, at noon. Friday 14/26 March, at 9 ½ h. in the morning. Letter on folded sheet, 4pp. Embossed imperial monogrammed paper, walnut ink. 19 x 11.7 cm Thursday 25 March 1869, 3pm Alexander II is once again worried about the behaviour of his ‘friend’ and no longer has the courage to pass by her window, as he used to do, but especially as he intended to do during the day: ‘ ... makes me fear once again that you will start your sulking scenes again...’. Alexander II once again apologises for his behaviour and argues, ‘We are too jealous of everything that belongs to the other’. (translated from French)