ALEXANDER II (1818-1881) EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, KING OF POLAND AND GRAND DUKE OF FINLAND Lettre manuscrite adressée à Ekaterina Dolgorukova. Lettre n°74 (14/26 mars 1869 13h)

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in French and Russian Friday 14/26 March 1869, 1pm. Saturday 15/27 March, at 9 1/4 a.m. Letter on folded sheet, 4pp. Embossed imperial monogrammed paper, walnut ink. 19 x 11,7 cm Alexander II recalls the terrible evening he spent following the argument with his Katya, and thinks that she has experienced the same thing. He speaks of God forgiving them for the evil they did to each other: ‘God will forgive us for the evil we did to ourselves yesterday, and may He not abandon us in the future.’ ‘And that we were drawn to each other to no end! We are happy to love each other and to belong to each other before God forever and nothing else...I am still very much alive, but I want to live only for you’. (translated from Russian)