ALEXANDER II (1818-1881) EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, KING OF POLAND AND GRAND DUKE OF FINLAND Handwritten letter addressed to Ekaterina Dolgorukova. Letter n°67 (07/19 march 1869)

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in French and Russian Friday 7/19 March 1869, at 1 3/4 h. afternoon Saturday March 8/20, at 8 3/4 h. in the morning. 1) letter on sheet folded in two, 4pp. numbered 1, upper right corner 2) 1p. recto verso numbered 2, top right corner Embossed imperial monogrammed paper, walnut ink. 18,5 x 12 cm In his letter to his Katya, Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukova, Alexander II speaks of God, saying that He will guide them in their common future and forgive them for their present situation: ‘God grants us His forgiveness and will not abandon us in the future.’ Beyond their love for each other and God’s support, Alexander II comes to the point of making a full confession to his lover. Alexandre and his mistress regularly crossed paths with other people, mostly during the religious services. They are both aware that this union is a delusion, but that despite the difficulties encountered their love will prevail.