ALEXANDER II (1818-1881) EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, KING OF POLAND AND GRAND DUKE OF FINLAND Handwritten letter addressed to Ekaterina Dolgorukova. Letter n°66 (06/18 march 1869)

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in French and Russian Thursday, March 6/18, 1869, at 1 3/4 p.m. Friday 7/19 March, at 9 ¼ h. a.m. Letter on sheet folded in two, 4pp. Embossed imperial monogrammed paper, walnut ink. 18,5 x 12 cm In this letter to Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukova, Alexander II is once again madly in love: ‘I have found in it more than ever the complete reflection of our hearts’. (from French) Alexander sees their ‘quarrel’ of 16 March as a small quarrel which only brought them closer together in anticipation of being united before God: ‘Enchanted with each other like never before and happy to be united before God.’. (from French) ‘You must feel, my soul, how I’m drawn to you’ (from Russian)