SICHINSKIY V.YU. (1894-1962) Architecture of the Old Princes epoch (X-XIII centuries). Prague: Ukr. communal ed. fund, 1926.

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- 50 p.: ill. 12 l. ill. - (Ukrainian art). In typescript publisher’s cover. In Ukrainian. The book by the prominent Ukrainian scholar, architect, artist and art historian V. Yu. Sichynsky (1894-1962) describes the development of architectural art in Ukraine in X-XIII centuries, the origin of monumental buildings during that period, in particular the sacral architecture. There is a detailed description of church monuments such as St. Sophia Cathedral, Church of Vydubytskyi Monastery, Boris and Gleb Church in Chernihiv, Church of St. Panteleimon in Galicia, St. Michael’s Cathedral and Cyril Church in Kiev and others.