Britan I.A. (1885-1942) Bogu: Stihotvoreniya [To God: Poems.] Berlin: type. «Zinaburg and K°, 1924.

Lotto 458
- 207 pp.; 20 cm. Pages uncut. In publisher’s cover. Minor scuffs, smudges, traces of moisture. Ilya Alekseevich (Alexandrovich) Britan (in exile published as Ilya Britan; 1885-1941) - Russian poet, publicist, lawyer by profession. He was deported from the USSR in 1923 to Berlin, where he published seven poetry collections. He was best known for his anti-Bolshevik pamphlet, For I Am a Bolshevik (1924). He stayed in Paris in 1936, took part in the Resistance, and was shot in a camp.