Lotto 253
from the beginning of its first release in Bruce’s lifetime with a portrait and biography of Count Bruce. Kharkov: ed. T. Rosinsky, print. and lit. M. Silberg, 1875. - [6] p., 47 l., 26 p.: Il.; 20х32 cm. With a portrait of J. V. Bruce. Late owner’s leather binding. The endpapers of blue silk. Publisher’s stamped bookplate on the title page. Pages 1, 3-6, 8-14 are numbered twice; page 7 - three times; on the footer of the last page: 35. ‘General review of predictions’ is placed on p. 1-26 (second pagination). Stains on some pages, some pages re-pasted in. Reprint of Bruce’s calendar of 1709. The appearance of numerous reprints of poor quality forced the publisher T. Rosinsky to put a special stamp-bookplate on the title pages to confirm of the authenticity of his copies. ‘The calendar was published several times, and the last edition was printed in Kharkov in 1875, but almost totally burned down in a fire.’ N. B. No. 126. Rarity.