Lot 711:
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A French soldier’s sabre from the light cavalry (mounted ri emen - a la chasseur) model AN XI of the year (1802 - 1803).

Overall length - 106.9 cm; blade length - 87.5 cm; blade width at the heel - 3.6 cm The steel blade is curved, single-edged, with one broad full; Combat double-edged point. At the heel of the blade, from the outside, Hallmarks of quality: “K” with a dot under the star in an oval, “B” with a wreath in a circle, “L” in an oval. The inscription was scratched on the spine “Manuf-re Imp-re du Clingentahl Mai 1813”. The hilt consists of a handle and brass guard. The handle is covered with leather, has transverse grooves, one oval brass lining on the inside is lost. The back of the handle is covered with a brass plank, turning into an oval convex head. On the front bow there is a stamp “K” with a point in a circle, “B” with a wreath in a circle and the number 14 in a square. Steel sheath, with two nuts with rings and with a shoe. In the upper part of the scabbard the letters "V" and "C" are stamped out. France, 1813.
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