Lot 712:
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A French senior of cer’s of Joseph Liberté Fouche, 2è Duc d’Otrante, 1796-1862 Sabre, with an English blade.

Overall length - 94.5 cm; blade length - 79.1 cm; the blade's width at the heel is 2.6 cm. The steel blade is slightly curved, single-edged, with no valleys and a wedge-shaped section. The blade on both sides is abun- dantly decorated with etched oral ornaments and war trophies. At the heel of the blade is the inscription of the seller of the blade: “WEEB & SON, 4 Piccadilly LONDON”. The hilt consists of a wooden grooved handle and a gilded brass guard. At the top of the handle is a brass bushing, decorated with embossed oral patterns, turning into a curved lion head. The sabre leather sheath is black with gold-plated brass instru- ment, consisting of a wide mouth with a ring and a long tip with a shoe. France, the 1840s. Condition: good
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