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МАКС ВЛАДИМИРОВИЧ АЛЬПЕРТ (1899-1980) На безымянной высоте, 1943 г.

описание карандашом и штамп «Фото М. Альперт», штамп ‘Borodulin’s Collection’ (на обороте) желатиново-серебряный отпечаток 19.7 х 60 см печать 1950-60х Провенанс: коллекция Л. и А. Бородулиных Фрагмент этой фотографии вошел в Антологию советской фотографии Max Alpert (1899-1980) was a Soviet photographer and photo reporter. He was one of the founders of Soviet serial reportage photography. He traveled extensively throughout the Soviet Union photographing construction sites and workers celebrating the country, creating images aimed at depicting the life of the happy workers of the Soviet Union. At the same time, Alpert worked for “Pravda” newspaper, where he took portraits of virtually all major Soviet and many foreign politicians, military officers, writers, actors and chess players. During the World War II, Alpert worked both on the home front and at the front, as a correspondent of TASS and Sovinformburo, he was in Prague and Berlin, and filmed the June 24, 1945 Victory Parade in Moscow