Hermitage Fine Art auction house presents its top 5 lots, which have been sold at Russian Art Weekend in Monaco from Friday evening, October 27 to Sunday, October 29.

The exhibited lots covered 300 YEARS OF RUSSIAN HISTORY AND ART. We presented antique Russian books, autographs, applied art, Russian military history and numismatics at our auction.

  1. Source: Hermitage Fine Art

    The jewel of the auction became a Gold medal of coronation of the Emperor of Russia Alexander II (1818-1881), 1856, by A.Lyalin and M. Kuchkin. It was sold for 53.340,00 Euros.

  2. Source: Hermitage Fine Art

    Signed by Peter I, The Great (1672-1725), tsar of Russia, the open letter to the lords, hetmans, boyars and other Christians, Greeks, Serbs, Bulgars, Slavs and Albanians, and people of all ranks, calling to rise up against the oppression of Sultan Ahmet and his new ally ‘the heretical Swedish King’, Charles XII. Signed ‘Petr’, the letter went under the hammer for 50.800,00 Euros.

  3. Source: Hermitage Fine Art

    “Flora Rossica” by Pallas Pierre-Simon (1741-1811). A famous German and Russian scientist, encyclopedist, botanist, geographer and traveler who moved to Russia in 1767 at the invitation of Catherine II and became famous for his scientific expeditions to the country’s uncharted grounds. This unique collection of Russian plants came out in 1784 and 1788. Pierre-Simon’s great labour did not lose value for people of science, professionally engaged in botany and biology to the present day, and was purchased for 38.100,00 Euros.

  4. Source: Hermitage Fine Art

    A handwritten letter of Stalin, Joseph Vissarionovich (1878-1953) to his daughter Svetlana, dated september 8 1935, was sold for 35.748,00 euros.

  5. Source: Hermitage Fine Art

    An early Japanese manuscript of the KANKAI IBUN, the extraordinary tale of Japanese shipwrecked sailors and their journey from 1792 to 1804. When rescued by agents of the Russian American Company, the sailors travelled in Russian Asia and were brought to St. Petersburg and the court of the Tsar. This manuscript gives an important account of their voyage upon their return to Japan. This alluring tale from an overseas voyage was sold for 34.424,00 Euros.