Munshtein L.G. (1868-1947), Autograph Pyl Moskvi [Dust of Moscow: Lyrics and Satire] / Lolo. - Paris: B.i., 1931. - 200 с.

Lotto 715
In publisher’s original cover. Good condition. Minor soiling and foxing on cover. Author’s dedication on the first blank page addressed: «To dear Lyubov Petrovna Faro - in good memories / Nowadays people are dust, zeros... / Rare are the sincere souls, / As Beboschka Faro, / Our Petrousha’s daughter! / L / Nice. August 24th. 1934 г.». Munshtein Leonid Grigorievich (pseudonym Lolo, L-o; 1866-1947), a poet-satirist, dramatist, journalist, translator, publisher, and theatrical figure. He emigrated at the end of 1918, and his works were published in many émigré publications, «became known for his unpretentious humour, as the author of feuilletons and stage sketches... After the revolution of 1917, he had to undergo a life in exile, the testimony of which is his collection, Dust of Moscow (Bogolepov, A. A. Russian Lyrics from Zhukovsky to Bunin, New York, 1952).