ARMCHAIR «ARC, AX AND MITTENS» After the model of Vasily SHUTOV, 1880 - 1890s

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Oak, pine, carving, coloring 91 cm (total height); 72 cm (at the sides of the legs); 58.5 centimeters (seat width) Condition: good (light chip and a crack) The national-romantic trend in Russian architecture and painting, called the «Russian style», enjoyed the special patronage of Alexander III. A particularly strong influence of this style, which turned to motifs of peasant carvings and embroidery, was felt in decorative-applied art, especially in furniture. In 1870, at the All-Russian Manufacturers’ Exhibition in St. Petersburg, the carver Vasily Shutov presented an original oak armchair «Arc, axes and mittens». This curious work of art was much appreciated by the Emperor and became widely known and was sold in numerous copies. Hermitage Fine Art expresses our gratitude to the expert I.K. Bott for the help with attribution of this lot.