AKHMATOVA ANNA ANDREYEVNA (1889-1966), AUTOGRAPH The manuscript of the translation of the poem «The Nightingale» by Lyudmila Egle. 1960. At the end of the text: «Trans. A. Akhmatova».

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A note by Mikhail Ardov made on September 24, 2004, is included, in which he confirms that the translation is written by Anna Akhmatova. The date of translation is established by the «Inventory of archival documents that are stored in the house-museum of Anna Akhmatova in St. Petersburg». Lyudmila Malinauskayte-Egle (1864-1928) - Lithuanian poet. Born in a family of Polonised nobles. Under the influence of the Lithuanian national movement, she began writing poetry. First debuted in print in 1883; first poems published in «Ausra» newspaper (1883-1884). Literary pseudonym - Egle (Eglė; «Fir»). Akhmatova, translated into Russian only eight poems of Malinauskayte-Egle, for the anthology «Lithuanian poets of the XIX century» (1962, p 274-285), including the poem «The