FROM THE LIBRARY OF PAVEL DEMIDOV (1869-1935) Artistic treasures of Russia: Monthly illustrated digest, ed. Association for the encouragement of arts

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- St. Petersburg, 1901-1907. Year 6. V. 6. 1906. №1/2, 3-7, 8/12 with index; 31.8 x 24.5 cm The illustrated publisher's cover is preserved in the binding. In a semi-leather binding of the epoch. Gold-embossed spine, flyleaf of colored "marble" like paper. There is a paper stamp ex-libris of the library of Pavel Demidov (1869-1935) on the front flyleaf. Scuffed binding, spine and top cover are separated from the block. One of the best illustrated periodicals of the early XX century devoted to art. The artist A. N. Benois and the art historian A. V. Prakhov edited the magazine in different years. The magazine's goal was to systematically promote Russian cultural monuments and present private collections to the public.