Skobelev M.D. (1843-1882), AUTOGRAPH ON THE END OF THE RUSSIAN-TURKISH WAR 1877-1878.

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Handwritten letter in French. San Stefano, 9 April 1878. 1 p. Monogram «M.S.» in the upper left corner. Two hand-drawn war schemes, red and blue pencils. One scheme shows the position of the forces of the sides in the Battle of Shipka-Shejnov. The other shows the strategic aspects of the battle. It is of historical, cultural and scholarly value. Skobelev won great popularity in Bulgaria and Russia. He went down in history with the name «The White General», which is always primarily associated with him, and not only because he took part in battles in white uniform and on a white horse. The Bulgarian people consider him a national hero, streets, squares and parks have been named after him. Provenance: MAISON J.E & CHARAVAY Lettres autographes et documents historiques. Bulletins d’autographe à Prix marqué №785. Octobre 1985.