Table service set of flatware and cutlery comprising thirteen pieces. Russia, St. Petersburg, marked by I. E. Morozov firm, supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, end of 19th-beginning of 20th century

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6 5007 000
The handles of the objects are made of mother-of-pearl and decorated with the owner’s monograms. The original case with the inscription on the cloth «I.E. Morozov. С. Petersburg» under the double-headed eagle. Top lid of the case has a plaque with the owner’s monogram. Hallmarks: «I.E.Morozov» on the blades. Size of a case: 24 x 40 x 4.5 cm Table set comprising: 1.Large knife, L. 27 cm, blade width 4.5 cm 2. Caviar scoop, L. 18.5 cm, W. 3cm 3. Serving fork for fish, L. 16.8 cm, W.4.5 cm 4. Pate scoop, L.19.5 cm, W. 2.5 cm 5. Fish serving knife, L. 19.5 cm, width of blade 2.5 cm 6-8 (three) oyster forks, L. 15.5 cm, W. 2.5 cm 9. Fork with two small prongs for crayfish , L. 20 cm, W. 1.2 cm 10-11. Table knives, L. 19.5 cm, W. 2.5 cm 12-13. Forks with two prongs for snacks and herring , L. 20 cm, W. 1.2 cm.