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GALICH YURI (real name: Georgy Ivanovich Goncharenko; 1877-1940), AUTOGRAPH

Orchid: Poems. [Riga: typ. A. Nitavskago, 1927]. - 190, [2] p .; 20x13.5 cm. In an illustrated publishing cover. Minor fading on the cover. The gratuitous inscription of the author on the avantitul: «Dear Mikhail Nikolayevich Volkovich Yuri Galich 1926». The second edition of the first poetic collection of the author, with new poems. Georgy Ivanovich Goncharenko (1877-1940) - General-Major of the General Staff, journalist and publicist, poet and prose writer. Veteran of the First World War and an active participant in the Civil War. After a call to the NKVD on December 12, 1940, he committed suicide. Volkovich Mikhail Nikolaevich (1889– 1959) - captain of the hussar Irkutsk regiment; participant of the First World War and the Civil War. After emigration, in France, he worked as a taxi driver, then as a dis hwasher in a restaurant.