DEMIDOFF A.N. (1812-1870)

Lotto 225
Viage por la Rusia meridional y la Crimea, la Hungira, la Valaquia y la Moldavia; trad. Juan Cortada: 2 vol. Barcelone, Joaquin Verdaguer, 1855. In-4. A specimen ornamented with a portrait of Czar Nicolas I on the front page, 2 large folding maps (map of southern Russia and Crimea), 2 pp. of music, and illustrated by Raffet: 16 plates in black and 10 plates in colour, 64 tail pieces. Reddish half-morocco binding with corners, spine ribbed, red and green title pieces and heading. (modern binding). Scattered brown stains. A Spanish edition translated by the French edition, increased and controlled by the author, illustrated by Denis Raffet. The travels of Prince Démidof underwent several editions and translations.