EDVARD MUNCH (1863-1944)

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Autograph letter with signature to his friend, the Norwegian painter Henrik Lund (1879-1935) in Christiania, Tostrupgaardens Hotel. Copenhagen, 28.II.1909. in-8 ° (6.5 x 12.8 cm). 2 pages on both sides of a called “Letters Patent” with rounded corners and edge perforation. With own address and franking. Backside foreign pencil entry “Keysers gd 9 III Hamsun”. Munch asks his friend for help in recovering a picture from the Blomqvist auction house in Christiania. At the time of our letter, Munch was preparing his fi rst major exhibition while trying to cure his nerve and alcohol problems through a cure at Frederiksberg Hospital in Copenhagen under the direction of Dr. Daniel Jacobson (1861-1939), Danish psychiatrist and professor. Munch also portrayed Jacobson. At the same time his artistic achievement was fi nally recognized: while he was still in the clinic, he was awarded the Norwegian SanktOlav Order.